UConn Hartford Campus Students Living in Storrs

Starting in fall 2018, students admitted to or assigned to the UConn Hartford Campus have been able to apply for UConn Storrs housing.  Once a student applies for and is granted UConn Storrs housing, they should remember:

  • UConn Hartford Campus students living in Storrs are still considered UConn Hartford Campus students. When contacting UConn offices and departments (like Parking Services, the Bursar’s Office, the Office of Student Financial Aid Services) they should identify themselves as a UConn Hartford Campus student that lives in UConn housing in Storrs.
  • UConn Hartford Campus students living in Storrs need to enroll in at least half of their credits (each semester) on the Hartford Campus.
  • Information below is provided to help students prepare and plan for this exciting experience.

Financial Aid, Bursar, and Fee Bill Information

  • Tuition is the same amount at all UConn campuses, however, the fees on each campus vary. By choosing to live on the Storrs campus, your fee bill will be adjusted to reflect Storrs campus fees. You will not be charged regional campus student fees.  The Office of the Bursarprovides the official University fee structure and most up-to-date information regarding direct costs, indirect costs, and waivable fees.
  • Contact the Office of Student Financial Aid Services to determine how your financial aid package may change if you were to live on the Storrs Campus.


  • Students are responsible for arranging their own transportation to and from Storrs.  There is public transportation that runs between Hartford and Storrs several times a day.
  • UConn Hartford Campus students can purchase Parking Permits that authorize parking at the following locations:
    • Hartford – 100% validation Convention Center Garage (details)
    • Storrs – “C,” “K,” and “W” surface lots (Link to Interactive Storrs Parking Map)
    • Waterbury – UConn Waterbury Garage (student parking sections)
    • Avery Point – Commuter Lots A & B
  • UConn Hartford Campus students can obtain a UPass  for no charge.  The UPass allows free travel on most CT public transportation (bus and train).
    • CT Transit Route 913(Manchester-Tolland-Storrs Express) runs several times a day to and from Hartford and Storrs. Click here for map to Route 913

Food and Meal Plans

  • There are no UConn Dining Services on the UConn Hartford Campus, however, Hartford Campus students living in Storrs are offered meal plan options (they can use on the Storrs Campus) and we encourage students to find the meal plan option that best fits.
  • The UConn Hartford Campus has several restaurants and delis nearby . We encourage our students to explore our community and the various food options available.
  • Students that are taking classes and commuting from the Storrs campus to either the Avery Point or Hartford campuses are eligible for bag meals

Class Schedules and Registration

All Hartford Campus students are required to enroll in at least half of their credits on the UConn Hartford Campus.

Students are encouraged to use UConn’s registration tools/resources to assist them in creating a schedule that complies with this requirement. These tools include:

  • UConn Student Admin System's Dynamic Class Search
  • UConn Student Admin System's Schedule Builder tool
  • UConn's Undergraduate Catalog (to search class descriptions, any possible pre-requisite course requirements, and other information)
  • Your Academic Advisor and/or Orientation Leader (for new incoming students)
  • The video below shows step by step instructions on how to use Schedule Builder to create a class schedule between more than one campus:

Some tips for *incoming Hartford Campus students living in Storrs:

  • You will have an opportunity to work with current UConn students (our Orientation Leaders) during Part 2 of Orientation (on-campus).  Our Orientation Leaders have experience creating schedules and are trained to assist new students to help them build their fall 2022 schedule
  • Many students create their schedule one campus at a time- usually starting with the Hartford Campus and then fitting in Storrs classes.  Remember, Hartford Campus students are required to take at least half of their credits at the UConn Hartford Campus.
  • Most students try to schedule classes on one campus per day.  This is a good plan, however, we cannot guarantee every student will be able to do this.  If a student needs to schedule classes on more than one campus a day, they need to keep in mind the amount of time it takes to travel between campuses and the amount of time it takes to get to each class from their parking spot or bus stop.
  • Schedule Builder (see above) is a great tool for students that take classes on more than one campus.  Take time to learn more about Schedule Builder and all of the features it offers.
  • Early classes/Late classes-  Students should be aware of bus routes and times (if they plan on taking the bus between campuses).  Students should also plan their meals appropriately.  In the past, Dining Services have offered bagged meals for Hartford Campus students living in Storrs.   Students should check with UConn Dining Services for more details about this option.
  • Reserve Capacities: Some class sections on the Storrs campus reserve seats for students in specific majors or programs.  A student that does not meet reserve the reserve capacity for a class section, should look for another class section.

*Incoming students are required to participate in the UConn Hartford New Student Orientation.  Part 1 of our New Student Orientation includes information about the University of Connecticut's General Education Requirements and the appropriate School/College/Major requirements.  In Part 2 of our New Student Orientation, students are required to meet with their assigned Academic Advisor before they can register for classes.


Student Involvement

Students have many opportunities to get involved on both the Storrs and Hartford Campuses.   We encourage students to find involvement and student engagement opportunities on any campus they feel comfortable.

UConn Hartford offers students the opportunity to be involved in our own UConn Hartford Undergraduate Student Government and our own student clubs and organizations.  In addition to on-campus activities,  the UConn Hartford Campus encourages students to look outside the university and into the community we live and work to engage. To learn more about these opportunities, visit the UConn Hartford's Advocacy & Community Engagement website

To learn more about student involvement on the UConn Hartford Campus, click here.